How to prevent domestic violence

If you are living in a household, you would have gone through some domestic violence through your lifetime. According to research, almost one-third of the household woman and 1/12 men have the experience of intimate partner abuse. There are different nonprofit organizations to create awareness about the worsening situation of domestic violence. You will surely agree that it should be avoided as much as we can. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may seek a professional domestic violence solicitors Manchester service for help. They may fight for you in the court of law.

There are some steps that you may take to stop domestic violence in your area.

Know the warning signs

Anyone may be a victim of domestic violence. There is no consideration about white, black, young, old affluent and educated. In most of the cases, domestic violence begins early in a relationship. Sometimes it may take month or years to take place. There are some warning signs of domestic violence. It would be best if you kept an eye on such signs.

Don’t ignore

It is a fact that police officers learn the same things from witness now and ten. It start with I heard or saw or perceived the violence but did not wanted to involve in it. It would help if you got required. If you learn there is violence you may call the police. It may save precious lives.

Help the people

If someone tells you his bereavement about domestic violence and they want to take you in confidence. You should listen to them and make n judgment. You should believe in their version and try to help them and provide proper help legitimately.

Be ready

If you know someone and want to leave home or escape from violence before it escalates. You should be ready to help the person. It would be best if you kept the phone working and ringing. You should have gas in your care and discuss with the victim how to escape. Consider a meeting place before the matter worsens.

Understand the location o nearby shelter

You need to know the location and contact number of a nearby shelter. So if someone needs refuge in a hurry, you may help out. You may find local shelter through the internet or contact a domestic violence helpline of an organization.

B & M chooses new law firm for their personal injury services

Recently, Retailer B&M was in the news headlines again, for a good reason. The successful retailer has hired Gordons, a renowned Yorkshire law firm, to handle its global defendant personal injury brief. The appointment came amid B&M’s growth plans. When it comes to managing the legal cases, hiring the best solicitors personal injury support is essential. B&M understands the need for a qualified legal team, and that’s what saw the Yorkshire law firm get the appointment.

Gordons boasts of having the best team of lawyers ready to handle various cases. The firm has been in the industry for some time now. Thus, when it comes to experience, Gordons has a reputation. Its lawyers have successfully defended cases which range from high profile claims to low profile claims. According to many companies that have worked closely with Gordons, it’s a class-leading force in the cases revolving around the defendant personal injury.

The Yorkshire law firm has a team of experts specializing in fields such as chronic pain, catastrophic injury, occupational disease, and public liability. The firm’s primary objective is usually to limit the stress, time and costs associated with the legal cases. Hence, Gordons has managed to work in close collaboration with distinguished companies such as Hermes Parcelnet, Morrisons, Freemans Grattan, William Cook and now B&M among any others.

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B&M’s recent appointment was highly needed because the retail store is undergoing a global growth. The newly appointed team will be dealing with matters related to personal injuries. That said, the team will be providing B&M stores with legal counsel on issues such as public and employer liability, all which can interfere with a company’s operations. Besides, the team from Gordons will be providing risk mitigation and comprehensive claims services.

The relationship between Gordons and B&M is essential and healthy for the business. Simon Arora, B&M’s chief executive officer, can attest to that. While addressing the media after announcing the appointment, Simon said that the law firm had been an essential part of their success journey. According to Simon, Gordons is a talented law firm, and that understands the retail sector in and out. Simon continued to say that having Gordons on board is the best move as it means success.

Earlier this year, the retail firm recorded a tremendous growth, an assurance that business is good. On the one hand, the company saw the pre-tax profit rise to £229.3 million, a 25.4 % growth. On the other side, the revenue grew to £3 billion, a 22.4 % rise and which is a good trend. This trend is expected to continue thriving come next year. Paul Ayre, the managing partner at Gordons, was happy with the recent appointment. According to him, the appointment is a confirmation that the law firm is delivering the best to the retailers regarding legal matters.